Clifton McFarland

Clifton McFarland

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About this Speaker

Clif McFarland is an experienced environmental lawyer with a strong science background who represents aerospace, energy, real estate, natural resources and other companies and investor groups. He works with clients throughout California and nationally on remediation, administrative and regulatory, enforcement and litigation matters. Clients from a variety of industries look to Clif, an MIT-trained engineer, to resolve difficult legal problems that are intertwined with complex scientific issues. He is skilled at helping clients resolve unique one-off problems where there is no “cookbook” or standard practice to follow, particularly problems involving issues of environmental law and science.

Environmental enforcement matters usually require more attention to factual and scientific issues than to legal issues. Clif has handled numerous enforcement matters opposite EPA, the Regional Boards, DTSC and various Air Districts. His persistence, tenacity and strong grasp of the scientific and factual issues have allowed his clients to minimize or avoid fines and penalties.

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